Building a blog like Burj Dubai


The Burj Dubai is now officially open. Standing at 800m and 162 floors high, the Burj Dubai holds the record of highest-occupied floor and also the world’s highest outdoor observation deck – situated on the 124th floor.

But can you build a blog like Burj Dubai which can stand tall among more than a billion blogs?

Don't duplicate just innovate

Even if you have a blog that deals with fashion, technology or sports, you do not need to copy what others do. Just be different. Create articles that will be helpful for your users.

Blog about things that will last

Always think as a user. What will interest him. Will this blog post be useful even after 5 years down the road?

Don't even right a blog post or article if you get a straight no to this question. You can always find useful things to write about. Just surf it on the internet and present it in a way that will be useful.


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