The search for the best hosting service.


How to make a website?
You will need to buy your own space on the internet via a web hosting service. You will also need to register a domain name, which takes the form of

What is a web hosting service?
A web hosting service helps individuals or organisations to create their own websites or blogs. The website can be accessed across the globe via the internet

What is the best web hosting service?
It depends on what you want. I have tried to answer that question myself for past three months. On the internet you will see articles and opinions about Dreamhost, GoDaddy, ServInt and bluehost.
So I did some research myself.

I went to Wikipedia and typed the name of various hosting companies and found some real useful information. Given below are some important web hosting services.


It is privately owned. As per Wikipedia it failed two power outages and it got hacked. But it has improved a lot.  The company really works and cares for its customers.


It is the largest web hosting service on the internet and will remain number one for some time. It really offers some cheap and affordable plans. However the company has found itself into a lot of controversies.


Bluehost is quite new in this web hosting game, but it is fast catching up. I found it quitely used by the drupal community. It offers cheap and affordable plans.


ServInt is quite good in terms of stability and reliability. It is difficult to believe that this company almost collapsed when the dotcom bubble bust in 2001. The hosting plans are a bit costly.

Before choosing a web hosting service write down what you really want on a piece of paper. Spend sometime on thinking your domain name wisely as it lasts for a lifetime and you can't change it.


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