Why you should not use a blog template created by others

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The default templates in Blogger, are not really that good looking. So we normally search on the internet for really good templates. But there is a risk involved.

 I used a third-party template for my personal blog (blogger blog) from another website. I had to use that template (layout) because it had ready made widgets and looked awesome.

I then wondered why people or websites would make such beautiful blog templates (it involves hard work) and give it for free?
The obvious reason was they needed more traffic to their original websites. They give it for free because the template has link at the bottom which points to the developer or website who made that template. More links higher rank in search engines.

Intentions of developer

But you know what happened?  To my horror, the template which I used for my personal blog had a link to a very inappropriate website. Even if today, the website or developer's  intentions are good, there is no guarantee that it would remain good forever.

Customizations become difficult

It really becomes difficult to customize the template as you don't know how it is actually made. If you change something in your third-party blogger template and something goes bad, the chances are high that the template might not work at all.

The blog template is generally made of pictures, scripts and gadgets distributed all over the web. How will you keep track of them?

How to check whether the developer or website who created your blog template is genuine?
Just follow the link given by the developer or website  that comes in the share alike or copyright license at the bottom.
Also search in Google about the developer or website and see how many people are actually using it.


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