Using Google Search wisely

The query you enter in the search field dictates what search results you will find using Google.

Basic tips 
Helping Google to find better results for you

1. Keep your query simple
A simple query which consists of  a keyword, helps Google to give a user better results.

Example: If you are searching for New York , you should not enter a Google query like States in America (some  people really do this).
If you have a headache, don't enter a Google query like My Head is paining, what should I do? as a Google query. Just type headache as a Google query.

2. Be Patient
Google is not God. It will take time even for Google to find the best results.

3. Use autosuggestion


When you begin to type a query  in Google, similar queries which were typed by other users are displayed. With this autosuggestion feature, you might find a query that matches exactly what you are looking for.

4. Don't write long sentences
Long sentences contain more keywords for Google to search. Use long sentences only when you are searching for verses of the Bible and other literary works.

Advance Tips
Modifying your Google query for better results.

1. If you want Google to search more than a word, use the plus symbol +.

Example : For the song New York by Jay-Z use a Google query like Jay-Z+New+York.

2. If you want Google to find exactly a phrase use opening and closing quotes ""
Example : For a bible verse like Matthew 5: 9 blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth, use a Google query with quotes:
"blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth"

3. If you want all the queries related to a word use *
Example : Apple *

4. If you want to get all results for all the words in a Google search query use OR (Note:Always use OR in capital)
Example : A Google query: Apple OR Microsoft shows results for both Apple and Microsoft.

Basic search help by Google
More search help by Google


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