Getting Gmail and Windows Hotmail messages to your MS Outlook Inbox

gmail_logoIt is very difficult to manage multiple email accounts from Gmail, Hotmail and even Yahoo Mail. Also in most companies both Gmail and Hotmail are banned.
Thankfully, Gmail and Hotmail allow quick integration with Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Enable POP and configure Microsoft Outlook to receive emails.
  2. Download and install Windows Hotmail Connector.

The steps are explained in the links section below:

After you have completed the steps, there is a still a problem if you have multiple Gmail accounts. What you can do in this case is use email forwarding in Gmail. 

As a result you will need to set only one Gmail account or only one Hotmail account in MS Outlook. This primary account will get messages from other Gmail accounts with the help of email forwarding. 

Please see this helpful link from Gmail team that explains how to enable Email forwarding in Gmail.

Links Section 

How to get Google's Gmail messages in Outlook? How to get messages from a Gmail account in Outlook?
You will need to activate POP in Gmail. Please visit this link link from Gmail.

How to get Hotmail messages in Outlook? How to get messages from a Hotmail account in Outlook?
You will need to download Windows Hotmail Connector from Microsoft.




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