How to make your own ringtone using Adobe Audition

I am a big fan of Cool Edit Pro, now better known as Adobe Audition. It is quite easy to use like its open source alternative Audacity.
So if you really like a song like me ( I like Neyo's Monster), you can create a ringtone for your cell (mobile) phone in three easy steps.

Steps to create a ringtone in Adobe Audacity:
1. First open a song using Adobe Audition. Select a part of the song you want as ringtone by holding the left click of the mouse on the starting point you want and releasing the left click at a point on the track you want as end point.


2. Now right click and select Copy to new. Now select the newly copied track in the left hand side pane.

 3. Just save it using the File save option. Select Save as mp3.


Now just transfer the ringtone from your PC to your cellphone using a data transfer cable or bluetooth.


Chandrika Shubham said...

Sounds interesting! I will try. :)

SM said...

interesting thanks for sharing

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