Getting your Microsoft Office documents online to Google Docs

How to save Microsoft Office documents online with the help of cloud computing?
If you are a Google user, there is a nice tool called OffiSync that allows a user to upload MS documents to Google Docs. It is very easy to use and integrates well with Microsoft Office.

You need to install a setup utility from OffiSync available here.

The minimum requirements for this setup are the dotnet framework 3.5 and latest Microsoft Office updates.

After you do complete the installation you will see something called OffiSync in your Office Quick access Toolbar .

Now OffiSync needs access to to your Google account. Just click any button and you will shown  a small dialog box where you should enter your Google account credentials.


Also it has a cool dashboard from where you can work on your Google documents which are online, right from Microsoft Office.


  1.  Easy to use features
  2. Integrates well with Google Docs
  3. When you save a file locally, it gets saved automatically to your Google Docs account, if you have enabled the OffiSync for that document. Thus you control what documents you want online.

  1. All documents get saved to Google Docs format and not Microsoft Office format. You will need a Google Apps Premier version if you want to save the files in MS format.
  2. Also a fee is required to save files in Google sites.


sjmach said...

Update: There is a new tool from Google, called Google Cloud Connect which is much better than OffiSync.

To know more visit this page on Google Cloud Connect

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