Make pictures or photo albums as private in Facebook

Facebook_logo Sometimes you don't want to share your photo album in Facebook with the world, not even with your friends. Thankfully, Facebook allows a user to mark an album as private so that only the user can see the photo album or only to select friends.

How to make a picture as private in Facebook or how do you make an entire photo album in Facebook as private?
You cannot make an individual picture as private in facebook. If you want to make a picture as private you will need to make the entire album to which that particular picture belongs as private.

Go to the album which you want to make as private
Click on Edit Album Info 

Select Customize in the Privacy option

Now a dialog box will open.

Here you have two options. If you want to make this album as private select the Only Me option and click Save Setting button.

How do you hide a picture or a photo album from a particular friend in Facebook?
In the Hide this From option, enter the name of the person or friend who you want to block from seeing your pictures in Facebook.


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