Mozilla Thunderbird can now seriously challenge Microsoft Outlook


Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client From the makers of the popular web browser Firefox.
What makes Thunderbird better than Outlook is it's simplicity and customizable interface.

But is it really a worthy competitor to Microsoft's Outlook?


Microsoft's Outlook comes bundled with features.  Recently the new 2010 version of Outlook has social features like Facebook feed updates from friends. In Mozilla Thunderbird  you need to download addons  to have additional features.

New Account Setup

To add a new account in Microsoft's Outlook has always been a pain. It is a nightmare to add a Gmail or a Windows Hotmail account in Outlook. To know more please see this post to add a new Gmail account or a Hotmail account in Outlook.

In the version of  Thunderbird 3.x, you just have to provide you username and password to set up a new account.


Mozilla Thunderbird is faster than Microsoft's Outlook. To add to that Outlook hangs a lot.

Customizable Interface

Everything in Mozilla Thunderbird can be customized, from themes to addons.
In Outlook you just don't have this option. You are forced to use what Microsoft gives you for Outlook.


Microsoft Outlook is prone to virus attacks. Microsoft Thunderbird provides additional security with the help of encryption using  Enigmail.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird now

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