Your own personal website hosted by Google


It is very easy to create your own personal website using various services offered by Google.

All you need is patience....

There are two options you can use
1. Blogger
2. Google AppEngine

No matter what option you choose, you have to buy a domain name first. E.g: belongs to Google Inc.


Blogger is the best option if you don't know HTML. Think of it as, if you have a blogger account, the articles have a unique address [yourblogname] -URL. If you buy a domain, the article address will be -URL

How to change your Blogger blog into a personal website?
Select Settings and click the Publishing tab

Select Custom Domain link


If you do not have a domain name, you can buy it from Google

If you already have a domain name, skip the above step and select Switch to Advanced Settings link.

Please follow the instructions given here.

Google AppEngine

For those who are more technically inclined, you can use your Google AppEngine application as a personal website.

Please visit this link for more information.


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