Image editing on the cloud for free


Adobe Photoshop is a standard that most image editing companies look up-to.

However today thanks to cloud computing you don't need to buy a product that is very expensive.

A list of top three free image editing tools online

Adobe has an amazing service at taking which is similar but easier than the desktop version.

The image editor has most of the tools present in image editors like cropping and rotating.


Most importantly pictures from websites like Facebook, Picasa and Flickr can also be imported and edited.

It also comes in paid versions that have additional features.

Google's Picnik

Google recently purchased Picnik, a service that allows you to edit images and publish them back to Facebook, Flickr and other services.


Picnik is really simple for beginners. it also comes in paid versions.

Aviary is not just an image editor but a suite of products.

The image editor is similar to Adobe's Photoshop and can be used just like a desktop application.
It can also be used with Google Apps.


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That's good, that's really good. I did not have much idea about image editing on cloud but the allocation you did here simply helps me a lot. SO thanks a lot dude :)

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