Taking notes made easy by Evernote

Google tried making note taking a profitable business by introducing Google Notebook.

However, the search giant was forced to shut down the service.However another company called Evernote is making news.

With Evernote's notetaking tool, creating and editing notes just got better.What makes Evernote different is it's simplicity.

You can save or edit notes using a desktop application, an Microsoft Outlook plugin, a web interface that adapts well even to mobile.

Also there is a concept of Notebooks which can contain notes. For example a Notebook can be just as a diary in which you can add notes for every day.

The Desktop Application

The desktop application is very simple and you can figure out how to use it in a couple of minutes. Evernote's notetaking tool supports drag and drop.
It means you can just drag an image to save it inside a particular note.

The Outlook Add-in / Add-on

Evernote outlook plougin or Add-on
The outlook plugin or add-on helps to put any email threads to evernote.

The Email option

Every Evernote account has a unique email id. A user can send just an email to this unique email address and evernote will do the rest.

The Android App

Evernote is freely available on the Android marketplace. The application has support for tagging and creation of new notebooks.

However, it does tend to cache all the information about your notebooks on your android phone, so extra space is needed for notebooks. It is not an issue if you have an 8 GB card.

By far, Evernote's Notetaking tool is the best in the market. It comes in the paid version too for business users who want different versions of the same note. However, if you are using it for personal use, the free version is all you need.


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