Why you should not use the Dynamic Views for Readers in Blogger


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What is Dynamic Views feature in Blogger?
Blogger has now introduced a new feature called Dynamic Views  which allows a blog to be displayed in five new formats or views. But these dynamic views really not useful.

1. No Add Revenue
The dynamic views feature does not allow Adsense advertisements and as a result you can't earn money from your blog post.

2. Too Confusing
Although dynamic views do offer some eye-candy to blogs, views like Mosaic are too confusing for blog readers.

3. Still Buggy
Sometimes the same post is shown more than once. this is common for blog post having more than one picture.

Why you should not use Dynamic Views in #Blogger on Twitpic
For example the Snapshot view showed the same post four times!


Ramandeep Singh said...

why are you considering wrong side...if you dont like this as your home page ...you can customize it to use as ..widget for recent posts..related posts...my url is www.jasica.in and i promise you u do tis within a week!!!

Stevie said...

But I still don't like the part where we cannot earn revenue!

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