Getting things organised in the virtual world

It is very important to keep things organised both in the real world and also in the virtual world.
There a large number of free tools and services that can help.

1. Keep your Desktop Clutter free

As you install new programs especially in Windows you will notice that your desktop is full of icons of programs that are not actually required. Just delete the unnecessary ones.

You can also add the important program icons in the quick launch bar as seen below:

2. Give suitable names to files and directories

It is very important to give meaningful names to every file and directory you have on your computer. For example in the directory setup as shown above, there are  meaningful sub-directories.

3. Use a media player to organize your music and movie collection

Create smart playlists on your favorite media player, so that you don't have to hunt for your favorite music file or movie.

4. Create notes to remember things

It is really important to take notes. There are a wide range of applications that allow you to save notes.

Most useful among them is Evernote.  Also Microsoft Outlook allows saving notes.

5. Bookmark important Web Pages you visit on the Web  

Use the bookmarking features which is the basic feature in modern web browsers. To know more visit this page.


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