How to use the new Smart Lists in Facebook


Facebook has finally taken some inspiration from Google plus.

It has now officially introduced something called Smart Lists. 

What are Smart Lists?
Smart lists in Facebook allow you to categorize your friends, so that you can control the information that you share with them. You can think of smart lists as circles in Google plus.


The two most important lists are as follows:

Close Friends
As the name suggests these are the bunch of friends whose updates you can't afford to miss. You will get a notification each time when they update their status or upload a new photo on their wall and many other things.

This is an important list of friends as they can see everything you post on your wall.

This smart list contains the list of friends who can only see your public posts.
Example: There was friend from high school who always commented on your pictures. Shut him / her out by putting him on this list.

This is important as you don't want to unfriend someone on Facebook.  The best part is they have no idea that you have put them in your restricted list in Facebook.

Below is a low quality video to give you a brief idea of Smart Lists:


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