Steve Jobs is dead, but Apple doesn't want you to forget him


Steve Jobs had a successful career at Apple with both highs and lows.

During his tenure Apple got a complete makeover.

It was cool to earn an iPod, iPhone and iMac.

But he is dead, but big executives at  Apple don't know when to let go.

People were really waiting to see him die. Most notably people were obsessed with his weight loss.
Then one day he really died. (I still don't know how Elvis Presley died. Maybe he is still alive in a secret government location called Area 51). But the point here is an important person is of more value to a company when he is dead. Even Michael Jackson was not an exception to this rule.

The big bosses in Apple have got out of their way to promote the new iPhone 4S as the last gadget that Steve made. Do you really think Steve as a CEO of a company will actually design everything on his own.
He would have done that only if he had no money (a fact when Apple was a start-up).

Steve Jobs was not a good person to work with. If you ask former employees at Apple who had that so called privilege to work with him, will tell you why. This is a common trait the great Mr. Jobs shares with the fantastic Mr. Gates.

As a consumer and as a responsible netizen it is important to know the marketing tactics of multinationals. All they care is Profit (a fact that even Steve would have done the same).
To prove my point you might want to read this:

Do you know the other Steve? I mean Steve Wozniak The guy who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs.
I am sure you don't. If you do then you belong to a minority.

So after one year when we all gather on Steve Job's day, make sure you still think twice before you buy that Apple product you always wanted.


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