Facebook introduces new Timeline feature


Facebook has introduced a new feature called "Timeline".

It will be live from December 2011 and resembles a lot like Google Plus in looks.

So what really is Facebook Timeline?

What is Timeline in Facebook?
Timeline is a new interface introduced by Facebook to enhance a user's profile based on time. In short you can see older pictures and status updates by merely clicking on a button.

The Timeline user interface looks a little similar to Google Plus.

 In Facebook timeline , the pictures appear quite big as Google Plus and appear on the right while the links and updates you post appear on the left as below:

Privacy Settings: They are the same as before. It is important to know that you have to publish your timeline settings. if you don't publish them, they would be visible only to you.

Yes you can also go back in time with the help of button on the right.


sjmach said...

Update: The pictures and videos can be displayed in any order in timeline.

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