How to solve battery issues of an android smart phone

Sam recently brought a new Android phone from a mobile store. His new smartphone  phone had it all: decent specs and sleek design.

However after few months, Sam was really disappointed.

The problem was his new phone would discharge quickly.

Sam is not the only one who is unhappy with his Android phone's battery life.

How to solve battery issues of an android smart phone?

1. Lower the Screen Brightness

The Screen eats up more battery than any other application you will install on your phone. Make sure that you set the Screen Brightness to low.

2. Stop unnecessary running applications but do not kill them 

There are many applications that run in background if you don't need that. Make sure you stop them and not kill them (in tech jargon kill the running processes as you do in Windows using the Task Manager) . You should never use a task manager to kill applications. This link explains further:

3. Charge only when your battery drops under 10%

This rule is applicable to all cell phones, cameras and laptops. Never overcharge your cell phone as the battery gets heated up.

When you charge your phone, make sure you charge it fully. This helps your cell phone battery to last longer.

4. Turn off Internet Access (2G or 3G or WiFi) when you don't need it

Your cell phone will be wasting unnecessary battery when you have an active internet connection.

5. Use widgets to access frequently used applications.

This is important as you won't be wasting battery searching for your favorite application.


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