First two weeks after buying an Android phone


Android is an amazing operating system of your mobile phone.
It gives you so much freedom.

This blog post will tell you how you can take care of your android phone.

Make sure that the battery lasts longer
The one thing that consumes most of your battery is the Display.  There are many ways to extend your cell phone's battery life as discussed here.

It should also be noted that there are a lot of android applications  in Google Play (formerly known as Android market) that help:

Buy yourself a suitable cover and a screen protector
You can buy yourself a pouch or a cover.

For my Xperia Neo V android phone,  I got the following cover from Amazon

Don't install unnecessary applications
It makes sense to install only those applications that you need.
Your phone comes bundled with pre-installed applications.

A cool list of android applications :
1. WhatsApp
2. Opera Mini browser
3. FS File explorer
4. Angry Birds
5. App2SD
6. Battery Status Bar
7. Anti Theft Control


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