Google Drive: Google's attempt to fight Dropbox and Skydrive


Google has finally launched Google Drive, a service similar to Dropbox and Sugarsync.

But is this new service really worth a try?


Google Drive gives you 5 GB of free storage. It is way too less compared to Microsoft's Skydrive which gives 7 GB of space ( MS has set these limit for 25 GB for so called loyal users).

Dropbox offers only 2 GB of space but if you invite your friends you can add more space to your account.

Support for devices:  

Google Drive has built in support for android devices. What it means is Google Drive has an app in the Google Play store but not for iPhone or  Blackberry devices. This seems a rather unfair to users who don't use Android phones.

Also it is important to note that once you install the android version of Google Drive, you have to wait until Google allows you so called access to Google Drive!

Microsoft has still not launched an official Skydrive application for android devices.

Editing Office Documents:

If you want to work with your office documents in Google Drive, then you will need to convert them into Google Docs. Microsoft has MS Web Apps which saves and edits documents in native office file formats like .docx, xlsx etc.

Cloud storage prices compared

Free storage
Cost for 25GB
Cost for 50GB
Apple iCloud5GB$3.33$8.33
Google Drive5GB$2.49$4.99 (100GB)
Microsoft SkyDrive7GB$0.83 (27GB)$2.08 (52GB)

Cloud storage services: platform support

Black berry
Windows Phone
Apple iCloudXXXLimitedX
Google DriveXXX
Microsoft SkyDriveXXX
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