To update or not to update, is the Question : Android Ice Cream Sandwich


Android 4, better known as Ice Cream Sandwich is already here.

Most phone manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have already started rolling up the Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their flagship phones

But the real question is : Should you update your phone in the first place?

Let us take the example of Windows operating system.

Many users who updated their desktop systems from Windows XP to Windows Vista faced a lot of issues.
It took Microsoft a couple of years and the Redmond based company got it right with Windows 7 operating system.

The same can be said of Ice Cream Sandwich!

Users who updated from Ginger Bread to Ice Cream Sandwich have all faced the below issues:
1. Lower Battery Life
2. Sudden restart of their phones
3. Problems with Wi-Fi

( Most problems were seen on devices Like Xperia Neo V  which have 512 MB of RAM)

This is contradictory to claims that Ice Cream Sandwich prolongs your cell phone battery life.

Currently it is best not to update your phone, Have a look at the discussion at Sony mobile forums :

So it is smart to wait for at the most three months when cell phone manufacturers release a second wave of Ice Cream Sandwich updates that fix these grave problems.


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Problems with phone after Ice Cream Sandwich update:!topic/mobile/JJP8pqM0o8w

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