The best android Web Browser: Dolphin Browser and its cool features

Dolphin Web Browser is currently the best android web browser available.
It is amazingly fast and feature rich.



The default android web browser that comes bundled with an android smartphone is very slow. This is primarily because it allows JavaScript. Opera Mini does not allow JavaScript so it is relatively fast.

However, Dolphin Web Browser is faster than both the default android web browser and Opera Mini.

Gesture Recognition

The gestures feature in Dolphin browser enables a user to create gestures to do certain browser tasks like refresh or go to certain bookmarks.

Look and Feel

Dolphin looks exactly like Google Chrome for Desktop. It has built in multitab support and you can also add multiple add-ons.

Voice Search and Sonar

Dolphin supports Voice Search where you can search by saying a word. With the help of Sonar feature, you can control your browser with the help of your Voice.

User Agent settings


With the help of this feature you can mimic an iPhone even if you are using an Android smartphone and vice versa. This feature is mainly for web developers who want to test their web applications or websites on multiple browsers.


The Sync feature helps to sync bookmarks across multiple browsers. A user needs a Facebook, Google or a Dolphin account for Sync to work.

More killer Options


The additional settings make Dolphin Browser just like a desktop browser.
Install Dolphin Browser now:




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