Adding a favicon to your blog or website

Favicons are small icons that appear near the page title.
By default, all Blogger blogs have a blogger favicon (a capital B inside an orange rectangle).

With the help of this tutorial you can create your very own favicon for your Blogger blog or website.

How to create your own favicons?

Step 1 . Choose a suitable image to be used as favicon ( we will call this favicon image) 

The favicon should be displayed clearly on the browser tab.

Most favicons contains letters.

Example : The Wikipedia favicon has a letter W on an white rectangle.

Step 2. Make your Favicon image in Microsoft Paint or  Adobe Photoshop

You can also download images from the internet. Make sure your image is in jpg, gif or png format.

Step 3. Use a Favicon creator website

Visit website.


Choose the image file you created or downloaded. and select the Upload button.

Download your newly created favicon.

Step 4. Upload to Blogger or Website

In the Layout tab, click on the edit link next to Favicon and upload our favicon.

To upload a Favicon on a website use the below code in the head section and replace the URL with the location of your favicon:


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