Organize your lists using WorkFlowy


WorkFlowy is a great to do application to create to do lists. It is easy to use and offers a lot of features.

1. Simplicity
WorkFlowy has an intuitive interface.
You create lists and when the task is done you can strike out that list.


2. Sharing

You can even share your list in WorkFlowy.

You can choose whether to view access or edit access.

3. Exporting you list

You can export a list in WorkFlowy easily.

4. Twitter like tags


Lists can be further organized with the help of tags.

 6. WorkFlowy Pro

There is a Pro version of WorkFlowy.


 7. Mobile Support

There is a native app for iPhone. However there is no support for Android smartphones yet.


Ratings: 4/5


Christoph Dollis said...

Best app ever!


Unknown said...

This is the single most useful organization tool I've ever used (including track). So far I've been using it for my own projects for about 3 months and it keeps getting more and more useful as the projects evolve into what otherwise would have been countless pages in my notebook or dozens of loose txt files. For more interesting information click here.

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