Sponsored Video: IF We Contest from DassaultSystemes – Asking the right questions can change the world

Our world is constantly changing. New problems can only be solved with new creative ideas.

So in order to encourage new incredible ideas, DassaultSystemes has brought the IF WE contest where people around the world share their dreams with just a sentence beginning with the words “IF WE”.

Some of the creative ideas:

Roads that inductively charge cars – Josh

Josh from the United States has proposed this unique idea where there will be no need of fossil fuels like petrol. No fossil fuels mean end of greenhouse gases that damage the ozone layer.

Robots that Plant trees – Geoffrey (Canada)

If we can create Robots that can be used efficiently to plant trees in deserts and barren lands, we can provide a habitat for endangered wildlife.

3D printers that make custom prosthetic limbs – Andjelic (Serbia)


It would be so much easier to create prosthetic limbs for victims of landmines.
More Creative Ideas at World-Changing Dreamers (blog post).

This post has been sponsored by DassaultSystèmes, but all thoughts are our own.

DassaultSystèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations.


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