Sponsored video: The life of Gondappa

In India, about half a million children die each year from diarrhoea and its complications.Gondappa   lives in Thesgora, which has one of the highest rates of diarrhoea in the country.  
He has reasons to be happy as he is celebrating his son’s fifth birthday and that too in his own unique way by walking on his hands.

Gondappa walks like this everywhere, even when he is visiting a temple.


He walks on his hands when he is working too:

The joy of this father knows no bounds.
Every year 2 million children under the age of 5 years die of infections like Diarrhoea and Pneumonia.

But about 88 per cent of these deaths are completely preventable if basic information and a simple treatment can be offered. In Gondappa’s case he is lucky that his son is alive and well.

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