The secret features of our favorite media player - VLC media player


The VLC media player (Videolan media player) is by far one of the best media players freely available .

The list of features in this open source player is quite extensive.



You can take a screenshot of any video you are playing in Vlc media player. By default,
the screen-shot pictures are stored in the My Pictures folder.

Adjust Audio, Video and Subtitles


When you play a movie in VLC media player, sometimes the audio is lagging behind the video or the subtitle is not in sync with the video.

To correct this VLC has an in built feature, under Tools >> Track Synchronization >> Synchronization.

Adjust Video Brightness


To adjust brightness, select Tools >> Track Synchronization >> Video Effects.

Web Cam Recording

You can record a video with the help of Web Cam using VLC media player.

Video Streaming
One of the best features but it is hardly used in VLC media player. To know more visit the links below:
Videolan Documentation

VLC media player console for Geeks


VLC media player has a built in console with the help of which you can control the various features of the player.


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