The top five features of Microsoft Outlook which you might not be aware


Most of us use Microsoft Office at work.

Microsoft Outlook is used primarily for emails and thus this makes it the most widely used software at work.
The program has many useful features which are hardly used.

1. Recall sent messages

The most useful feature in Outlook allows you to recall an already sent message.
You can find this option by selecting your message from the sent folder and clicking on Actions.
You can also delete  your sent message from the other person's mailbox provided he / she has not read it.

2. Out of Office Vacation Auto-Reply in Outlook

Let your colleagues know that you are not in Office by configuring this feature in Outlook.
To enable this see this Microsoft office article.

3.  Configure Gmail and Hotmail accounts in Outlook

It is irritating to access Gmail and Hotmail websites to check whether new mails have arrived.
You can configure Outlook to show Gmail and Hotmail email messages.
To enable this, please look at this article.

4.  Customize your email Signature, use multiple Signatures

It is possible to have multiple signatures in Outlook.
To know more read the MS Office Outlook tutorial.

5. Sticky Notes in Outlook


You can also save sticky notes in Microsoft Outlook. The best part is that these sticky notes  are automatically saved in your Microsoft Exchange account.


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