A quick look at Android Kitkat

Google Nexus 5 ships with Android 4.4 known as Kit-Kat
The latest version of the world's widely used mobile operating  system is out. Google has officially unveiled Android 4.4 known as Kit-Kat.


Works with devices with 512 MB RAM

The operating system works well with devices with 512 MB RAM. This makes it easier for low budget smartphones to ship with Android 4.4 version

New Full-Screen Immersive mode


The new full screen immersive mode is useful for reading an ebook.
Everything except the content is visible in this mode.

Android 4.4 adds a new gesture especially for the immersive mode:
An edge swipe from the top or bottom of the screen now reveals the system UI.

The immersive mode is applicable to all applications including games. As a result users have a bigger screen to play games.

Quickoffice to view office documents

The Quickoffice application is well suited to view Microsoft Office documents like spreadsheets.

Screen recording

Android KitKat comes bundled with a screen recording application that saves a a recorded video in MP4 format.

New applications to monitor memory used by applications

Procstats - A new tool called procstats helps a user to analyze the memory resources an app uses, as well as the resources used by other apps and services running on the system.

Also meminfo tool  is enhanced which allows a user to see details of memory use for an app.

More information can be found here: Android 4.4 feature list.


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