BBM for Android - Should you use it?


Blackberry has recently launched its premier BBM (Blackberry Messaging ) service for Android users.

It has already reached 10 million downloads on day one.

I have WhatsApp, why should I use BBM?

A person can chat with you if and only if he or she has your BBM pin. Contrast this with WhatsApp where anyone who has your number can chat with you. BBM adds a new layer of security in this matter.

BBM Video with Screen-share


The video quality in BBM is quite good and is comparable to skype.
It does have voice calling (similar to viber) which is a plus point.

 File Transfer

 BBM allows sending of files faster than WhatsApp. Also you can send any file type in BBM. WhatsApp only allows images and videos (contacts and maps too).

The downside: The long  waiting line

You might need to wait a day or two so that BBM is available for you.

BBM is better alternative to WhatsApp.  Download it from Google play.


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