The first day with Android Lollipop on Nexus 5



When you upgrade your android phone, the first day is very important especially when you have updated to the latest version of Android version 5.0.

This is valid for an OTA update which the recommened way to update your phone. in simple terms you get a notification to update your phone software and you start the procss by clicking the Update button


Android 5.0 is a huge improvement from Android KitKat. It seems to be fast and at the same time intuitive to use.

Notification control: This is the best part of the operating system. You have control on notifications on particular applications (like you can disable whatsapp notifications while in office and much more).


Search in Settings


The most important feature is that you can now search for something you want directly in settings. Most users are not even aware of this feature as it was conveniently absent from previous android versions.

No disturbance if you receive a call when you are using your phone


An incoming call is just a notification now and you can easily dismiss it while doing something important on your phone

If you phone is locked, the incoming call notification covers your entire screen


The Flashlight and Battery Saver mode : Yes, they finally gave a handy flash light and battery saver!

Time to charge and discharge: You will be notified get time required to charge your phone completely on your home-screen when it is locked.


There are some features that are not just on the mark and can be improved.

Battery Life : The battery life is just poor. My Nexus 5 discharges quickly compared to KitKat.  Hopefully this will be sorted in the next update.

Time to update phone: Yes as a Nexus 5 user, it was frustrating to see Nexus 4 users given priority for Android lollipop update.

Heating Issue: My Nexus 5 phone never used to heat up while charging on KitKat, this is happening for Android Lollipop.


Unknown said...

Nice blog Sundeep but i am not facing any battery Issue with my Nexus 5.

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