How to officially use WhatsApp using a web browser on a computer


The new version of WhatApp now allows its users to chat via a web browser on a computer.

To access this service you need a latest version of whatsapp that has this feature and this service can be accessed via :

The setup

Steps to use Whatsapp on a web browser


  1. Visit and keep it open (a QR code will be shown to you)
  2. You need to click the WhatsApp web option on your phone after you click on the settings option which is present next to new chat option as shown above.
  3. Now scan the QR code you saw in the first step
Some important points

  1. WhatsApp web will be using your existing data plan, so it is important that you are connected to a wifi connection
  2. You can send attachments via the web too
  3. Someone who receives your chat, won't see the difference if you are using whatapp web


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