Trello - A todo app for individuals and teams


Trello is a cool application for getting things done for free.
It is mainly created using business in mind, however it can also be used by individuals

How Trello works?
In Trello you organize things into Boards. It is similar to Evernote's concept of  notebooks. Boards consists of cards (notes in Evernote).

Click to view image- Trello on Google Chrome
As you can see, Trello also shows activities performed on the boards by other members like Google Drive.


As you can see you can add people using the Members feature for every board.

Trello also adds labels, checklist, due dates and attachments.

You can add attachments from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and One drive.

Attaching a link and uploading documents from computer also work

Note about File size limits : You can add a file of 10 MB size in Trello. However, Trello Gold allows file sizes up to 250 MB 

Android Mobile app for Trello

Trello Android on Google Nexus 5

As you can see, the android app on Nexus 5 is a little off in portrait mode. This is a problem if your phone is locked in Portrait mode.


The Good
1. Trello has a refreshing user interface.
2. The web interface is very easy and clutter free (much better than Evernote)

The bad
1. Portrait mode issues on mobile app

Ratings : 4.2 / 5.0

How can I get Trello?

  1. Trello Android App
  2. Trello Web Interface
  3. Trello IOS App


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