VLC for an Android is finally a complete media player


VLC for Android has come a long way from its beta version. Gone are the days when it was buggy, slow and had a horrible interface.

VLC plays both audio and Video files, unlike the well renowned MX player which only plays video files.
The good part about VLC is that it does not contain any irritating advertisements and you get everything for free.

Audio Playback

VLC playing an audio file on Android device
VLC contains all the necessary features like playlist management, a very working equalizer, lock-screen controls and album art.

Video Playback

Playing an episode of Better Call Saul using VLC android
The video player functionality for android devices is as smooth as that in desktop. It contains the essential subtitle management options, cropping video screen sizes, and locking the screen when a  video is playing. 

A functioning equalizer by VLC Android

VLC for android has borrowed heavily from MX player here and hopefully it contains all the good stuff minus the irritating advertisements.

Ratings : 4.7 / 5.0

How to get VLC?
1. VLC for Android link on PlayStore
2. VLC for iOS

To know more about secret features of VLC for desktop, visit the link:
VLC secret features


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