The five killer features of the new Android 6 Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow on Google Nexus 5
The Android 6 Marshmallow is here and we have five killer features that make it a worthwhile update after a few hiccups.

1. Smart options while connecting your device via USB to your computer

Android Marshmallow USB option
You have four options when connecting your device to your laptop or computer.

  1. Charging only - You just want your phone to charge and do not want to give someone else access to your internal memory, thus protecting your photos and videos. This is the most secure and is very useful.
  2. Transfer Files(MTP) - You want to transfer files including videos and documents to the laptop. You should select this option if you are connecting the device to your own laptop, mac or computer.
  3. Transfer photos (PTP) - Your phone acts as if you have connected a camera to your device. 
  4. MIDI -  You connect a MIDI device (a musical device like a MIDI keyboard to your phone).

2. Better Silent Mode options 
The new Silent mode options in Android 6 Marshmallow
As soon as you press the down volume button, you get this smart silent mode menu which is separate for alarms, sounds and music.

3. An Inbuilt File Explorer

Default File Explorer
There is an in built file explorer under storage and USB that can be accesses via the Explore option.

4. Memory and Battery usage of an App

Memory Usage of Snapdeal App

5. A hidden System UI Tuner

There is a hidden System UI Tuner menu meant for advanced users


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