Can a small startup called Aasaan be the next WeChat of India?


Aasaan is a company based in Mumbai, trying to do what WeChat did in China, to be an all integrated payments platform.

We take a small peak on the usefulness of Aasaan (In  Hindi Aasaan means Simple).

It was in August October 2015, Aasaan had 300 users on its Android Play Store Page. I was handed out a small card by a bunch of college kids outside Central Avenue Powai about this great app that allows you to pay for any online services.

Chat is King


Chat is an integral feature of Aasaan, as seen above. You text for getting things done. You can ask for specific things you want and it gets it done.

Aasaan Payment

The people at Aasaan has quite brilliantly outsourced the payment part to InstantMojo .

So the payment experience was smooth for me as I have actually have a good experience with InstantMojo.

Problems faced with Aasaan
Aasaan Android App bug

A startup is under tremendous pressure and as a result it is natural some bugs might creep through like the one I saw above.

Reviews : 3.5 / 5


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