How to use Google Contributor on your website or blog to earn money?


What is Google Contributor?Google recently announced Google Contributor, that allows website and blogger owners to ask visitors a monthly fee of ($2,$5 or $10) to see fewer adds on the websites.

This is a win-win for both visitors and website publishers.

How to setup Google Contributor on your website or blog to earn money?
The steps to enable Google Contributor are as follows:
1. Choose a proper Google Contributor Image

You can select the images from the official Google Contributor page.

 Download the same image which you feel is suitable for your website.

Tip: Let Google do the hosting for these images, click on "View Image" in a browser and select the URL for the image

2. Now you link the downloaded image to Google Contributor

In this step, if the website owner clicks the image, the visitor is asked an amount to see fewer advertisements.

So the above link will be as shown here.
The resulting image will be as shown below:

You can also add Google Badge as shown here Google Badge Link. Just add your Google Publisher code.

What is Google Publisher id?


Pravin Vibhute said...

My account is disable for more than 8 years ago and I never bothered about it. I never done any wrong activity still it was disables. Actually it was never activated as I signed for it when my blog had just one post and never expected to be a regular blogger.
But now I want to use this contributor. Is there any way?

Julia Nicole said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. I thought your post was beautifully written

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