How to do free A/B and personalization tests using Google Optimize?

Google Optimize

Google is focussing a lot on its new Anaytics business called Google Analytics 360.

In order to ensure mass adoption, some great services like Google Optimize are free for all users with a Google account.

What is Google Optimize?
Google Optimize is a free service from Google that allows a website owner to test user behavior under certain test conditions.

There are three types of tests:

A/B Test
In A/B  testing two variants of the same website are tested with certain goals in mind (e.g. increasing pageviews)

AB test using Google optimize
Sample Google Optimize A/B test

In the above example a link present in an article is made bold in one variant and the in the other variant, the same link is made to appear in a red font.

Google Optimize Chrome extension
Chrome Extension - Google Optimize
 As seen above, there is a free plugin that allows a user to make changes to a webpage.

Redirect Test

google optimize redirect test
Redirect Test using Google Optimize
In the redirect test, a user can be redirected to one or more different URLs to undertand whether the user likes the new or the old content on the website.

 Multivariate Test (MVT test)

In the multivariate test, two or more elements can be added to see which is the best combination that works for a website. An example would be using MVT for Google Adsense advertisement sections on a website.

All tests can be tracked using Google Analytics.


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