Microsoft Clarity - An easy to use User Behavior Analytics Tool


Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a free service that helps users to understand how users are interacting with their websites.

The services offers the ability to record user sessions and also generates a Heat Map for clicks.

Microsoft Clarity heatmap
Microsoft Clarity Heatmap feature

How to Setup Microsoft Clarity?

You ca use your existing Microsoft, Facebook or  Google Account to start using Microsoft Clarity. You need to visit the official Microsoft Clarity website to get started.

New Project in Microsoft Clarity
Creating a new project in Microsoft Clarity

After you log in, you need to setup a new Project in Clarity as above. After that you need to add tracking Code to your website. This needs to go inside the head tag of your website HTML code.

Add tracking Code for Microsoft Clarity
Adding a tracking code for Microsoft clarity

It might take up to 2 hours for data to show up on your Microsoft Clarity Dashboard after the tracking code is inserted on your websites.


Microsoft Clarity and Google analytics integration
Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics Integration


Microsoft Clarity also has support for Google Analytics, this creates a Clarity user session link in your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Microsoft Clarity does not replace your existing analytics solution like Google Analytics . It is meant to help you understand more about your users behavior. It is a great place to start for a new user who wants to have basic understanding of website users. There is a competing free service from Yandex Metrica too.


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