US Elections 2020 - The best way to keep track of what is happening



US Elections 2020
US Elections 2020 is too close to call

The US Elections 2020 is one of the most widely watched event in the world.

We look at the ways the Tech / Media Companies are trying to make sense of the data.


US Elections 2020 by Google
A simple search for US Elections shows this Minimalist Widget

Google is leading the way in showing a minimalist widget that gives you accurate data from Associate Press. This works quite well on Mobile devices too. You can narrow down further to get specific data about "Who is winning the Senate" etc.

The Guardian Website


Guardian Live Blog
The Guardian Website has created a Live Blog for US Elections

The Guardian website is one of the most technically advanced news website. It is known for having a right blend of tech and user friendly aesthetics.

Guardian US Election 2020 Map
Check for a particular State in real time using data from Associated Press

The New York Times

 The New York Times US Election 2020 Website is the advanced version of the Guardian website.

New York Times  US Elections 2020 Website
NYT Homepage for US Elections 2020


The only issue is the irritating pop-up that comes up after you exhaust reading the 5 article limit imposed. (you can by pass it by surfing the website in incognito mode)

The Washington Post


The Washington Post US Elections 2020 Homepage

The Washington post too has a very good minimalist website that you can use to keep track of what is happening.



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