How to add Feedburner to a blog

I heart FeedBurnerFeedBurner is a free service provided by Google which manages your website or blog’s feed.
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In this article you will see how you can easily use FeedBurner for your Wordpress or Blogger blog.

Registering with FeedBurner

Go to FeedBurner

You will need a Google account to use FeedBurner.

Burn your Feed 

You will need to enter the URL of your blog as shown in the picture. Take  care to enter the right URL of your blog. Press the “NEXT” button.

The Feed title is automatically generated which is same as the title of your blog.
Please note down your feed address. You will require it later.

The feed address is something similar like for a Wordpress blog   for a Blogger blog

Press the Next button.

If everything goes well, you will be shown the following page by FeedBurner:

 Notice that it is the same feed address I told you to write down. Press the Next button again.

I will suggest you to click all the check boxes.

Now if you have a Blogger blog  follow these steps to add FeedBurner in your blog

Go your Blogger blog, click on Layout and then click on ADD a Gadget link as shown in the image.

 Navigate to the Feed gadget and click the small + button next to it.

Enter your feed address in the text field and press Continue. Now click on View Blog to see your changes.

If you have a Wordpress blog please see this link


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