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facebook_logoHow to cancel a sent Friend Request in Facebook?
Sometimes we send friend invites to people and only after sending the request we understand our mistake!

Thankfully a nice article on  eHow that solves this problem.

How to block someone in facebook? How to block those irritating application invites from friends?
Some people are just irritating and keep on sending friend requests or irritating application invites on Facebook.  See this article here that explains how you can block people and application invites in facebook.

How to search people or friends in Facebook?
Facebook has a twitter like search page called Facebook Search. You can find people using their email id, company or school. It makes searching your friends very easy.

How to disable applications in Facebook?
The reason Facebook has 500 million users is that Facebook is not just a website, it is also a platform where developers can build mind - blowing applications (e.g.: Farmville, Mafia Wars).

You can easily remove an application by following simple instructions given in this link 

How to download all your data or information from facebook?
Facebook has an built in option that allows you download all your personal data. Follow the steps on this page.

How to download videos in Facebook or download facebook videos?
To do this all you need is a Firefox  web browser. Just follow these instructions to download videos on Facebook.


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