Tired of Microsoft Desktop Apps? Try Something new....


Software can be free too. If you are really tired of using Microsoft desktop applications and you need a change, there are plenty of options.

For email
Microsoft Outlook is great but it is so boring. Enter Mozilla Thunderbird. It has plenty of addons and themes that help you to customize almost anything.

For office work
There are plenty of options you can use for your daily Office Work. Most notably among them is Microsoft Web Apps and Google Docs.

For browsing the web
When you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you are not safe. There is Google Chrome and also notably Mozilla Firefox.

Operating System
If you are just tired of Windows why not use Linux?  There are plenty of options in Linux. Ubuntu is my favorite Linux operating system. It seems Google is also developing it's own operating system which will be available by early next year.

For sound and watching movies
Windows Media player is the worst media player in the world. Try  VLC, a free media player that plays most media formats.

For Notepad
Notepad is so boring, try a free alternative called Notepad++.


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