How to secure files stored in Dropbox?

Dropbox  was recently attacked by hackers. You can read about this in this PC World article.
However as a user you can take steps to secure your data in Dropbox.

How can you secure your data in Dropbox?
You will to encrypt your data, before you upload your data to Dropbox.

What can you use to encrypt your data?
You can use the free open source software AES Crypt to encrypt your data. You can download it from this link

1. Put your file in Dropbox folder as you normally do
2. Right click on the file and choose AES Encrypt

3. Choose a password. Make sure you don't forget it because you will need the same password to decrypt your files.

4. Now you will have two files with the same name. Delete the original file and keep the file with the .aes file extension.

5. To Decrypt files: Right click on the .aes file and choose AES Encrypt and enter your password. You will now get the original file in same folder.

TIP: To be on the safer side, encrypt the files outside the Dropbox folder and then put them in the Dropbox folder.

That's it your files are now secure.


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