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Microsoft has again replaced it's email service to combat rising competition from Google's GMail.

We take a look at the changes the Redmond giant has made to the world's leading email service.

Interface: A touch of mobile

Yes, its Blue and easy to use too.

The first change you will notice is the new menu bar at the top. It makes creating and replying to emails very easy.

So that's why Microsoft purchased skype


Now you can easily video chat using skype. This was primarily to battle GMail video chatting capabilities which was boosted thanks to Google's Hangout service.

New Microsoft Account

You have an option to change your email id too.

The All New Email WYSIWYG editor


Writing emails just got so much better. You will see only required buttons and no adds!
(This is a preview so Microsoft might display adds later when the service leaves the preview phase.)

Try it yourself at OUTLOOK.COM.


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