Keeping your data on your Android phone safe using KeepSafe


KeepSafe is a free service that helps you to keep your data safe on your Android and iOS device.

With this free service you can safely store your pictures, videos and documents in a secure vault.

WhatsApp Now has a desktop app for PC and Mac OS X

WhatsApp has officially announced desktop applications for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms


Download Link :

You need to scan the QR code via your phone, so that it can work.

How to send documents in WhatsApp?


How to send documents in whatsapp?
WhatsApp allows user to send pdf documents.
1.  Click on the attachment link at the top corner


2. Select the Document option and select the document you want to send.

How to tune Ejabber Server to handle a lot of TCP connections?

The Ejabber server is a highly scalable server which allows upto a million TCP connections at once. In this tutorial, we will see things we need to do to get a lot of concurrent users.

Can a small startup called Aasaan be the next WeChat of India?


Aasaan is a company based in Mumbai, trying to do what WeChat did in China, to be an all integrated payments platform.

We take a small peak on the usefulness of Aasaan (In  Hindi Aasaan means Simple).

How to use Google Contributor on your website or blog to earn money?


What is Google Contributor?Google recently announced Google Contributor, that allows website and blogger owners to ask visitors a monthly fee of ($2,$5 or $10) to see fewer adds on the websites.

This is a win-win for both visitors and website publishers.

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