Things to consider before buying a brand new Google Chromecast


What is Google Chromecast?
Google Chromecast is a streaming device that helps a user to cast (screen mirror) videos and photos using a mobile device to a TV or and HDMI enabled monitor using wifi.

In this post we look at things which potential buyers of Google Chromecast need to consider.

How to enable two factor authentication for a Facebook account?


What is two factor authentication?
Two factor authentications protects your account by forcing you to add an additional layer of security on top of your password e.g. a unique OTP message on your registered mobile number.

Since you have access to your own mobile number, only you will be able to access your account.

Pokemon Go now available in India on Apple AppStore and Google Play Store

Pokemon Go Appstore

The world famous Pokémon Go game is now available in India on Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Android Play Store Link -

Apple AppStore link -

Keeping your data on your Android phone safe using KeepSafe


KeepSafe is a free service that helps you to keep your data safe on your Android and iOS device.

With this free service you can safely store your pictures, videos and documents in a secure vault.

WhatsApp Now has a desktop app for PC and Mac OS X

WhatsApp has officially announced desktop applications for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms


Download Link :

You need to scan the QR code via your phone, so that it can work.

How to send documents in WhatsApp?


How to send documents in whatsapp?
WhatsApp allows user to send pdf documents.
1.  Click on the attachment link at the top corner


2. Select the Document option and select the document you want to send.

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